Certificate In Customer Service

This course aims to develop individual’s knowledge and skills in all aspects of customer service, from understanding and meeting customer needs, giving a great customer experience and learning from feedback and promoting products and services. This qualification is ideal for those who are dealing with people or working in a customer service delivery role in any industry.

Dates: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th March 2020 

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04,Mar,2020 -  25,Mar,2020
09:00:00 -  17:00:00

Event description:

Day 1
Principles of Customer Expectations:
• Identify the differences in working in a customer service role within different sectors
• Understand how and what customer expectations are
• Describe how to balance the needs and expectations of the customer

Impacts on Customer Expectations/Satisfaction:
• Describe how the individuals and the customers behaviours affect expectations
• Identify and use different methods of  communication to meet a range of customer expectations
• Develop the interpersonal skills which can be used to achieve customer satisfaction


Day 2
Customer Service Problems/Complaints:
• Describe techniques for dealing with customer service problems/complaints
• Identify the factors that need to be considered when finding a solution to a customer service problem
• Describe how the use of record keeping systems help manage and support the customer service process

Supporting Legislation:
• Identify how relevant legislation affects the customer service process
• Understand the important of maintaining security and confidentiality of data, including different forms of contracts
• Explain the purpose of codes of practice and their relationship to customer service


Day 3
Practising Effective Customer Service:
• Understand the benefits of evaluating the customer service experience
• Discuss and design a method of obtaining customer feedback
• Explain the techniques used to monitor and review the impact of any changes introduced in an organisation to customers, employees and the organisation

Product Promotion and Services:
• Understand how unique selling points (USP) can influence the customer choice of products and services
• Discuss how organisations promote their products and services
• Describe the important of evaluating promotions


Day 4
Effective Teamwork:
• Identify different communication techniques used when managing a team
• Describe the inter-personal skills required for effective team working
• Understand why it is important to review the dynamics of team working and agree set goals with team members

Monitoring of Performance:
• Discuss the methods used by organisations to set levels of customer service performance
• Identify methods for monitoring the performance of individual and teams
• Explain how team members can self-assess and develop their customer service skills and knowledge

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